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X-Press Feeders расширяет свое присутствие на Балтике

17 апреля 2015

X-Press Feeders расширяет свое присутствие на Балтике, добавлен порт Гамбург в текущие сервисы BSX 1, BSX 2.

X-Press Feeders is to expand its Baltic Sea feeder links by adding connections over the hub port of Hamburg and weekly calls at Klaipeda to their BAX services. Rotterdam will continue to be a main X-Press hub port alongside with Hamburg. X-Press Feeders will continue to offer three weekly fixed day connections to the main Finl…and and Russian ports in the Gulf of Finland and to the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, two of which now including Hamburg on top of Rotterdam. The enhanced rotations being phased in during April stand as follows :

  • BAX 1 – Rotterdam, Hamburg, St Petersburg, Rotterdam, Kotka, Helsinki, Tallinn, Rotterdam – 3 weeks / 3 vessels .
  • BAX 2 – Rotterdam, Hamburg, Ust-Luga, St Petersburg, Kotka, Helsinki, Hamburg, Rotterdam – 2 weeks / 2 vessels (See details).
  • BAX 3 – Rotterdam, Riga, Klaipeda, Rotterdam – 1 week / 1 vessel .

X-Press entered the Baltic sector one year ago and it plans to add further services over the coming months in the Baltic region. X-Press Feeders is a leader in the feedering sector with an established presence in the Far East, ISC, Middle East, Mediterranean, North Europe, Caribbean and Central America.

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