Warehouse and terminal services

Services of handling containers and cargoes at specialized terminals
  • 100 000 TEU per year

    Total throughput of RUSCON's terminals in Novorossiysk

  • 50 000 TEU per year

    Throughput of RUSCON's terminal in Moscow

Highly qualified transshipment and timely shipment of containers

Ruscon's terminals today

Is a total capacity of 180,000 TEU per year with the capability of one-time storage of up to 12,000 TEU


    as a freight forwarder with a limit of $1 million

  • Modern lines for repacking of cargoes

    We carry out all the necessary procedures for handling of unitized, general, liquid, bulk, dangerous, oversized and heavy cargoes

  • Connecting points for integrated logistics solutions

    Access to railway tracks and public roads, readiness to receive and dispatch container trains

  • Availability of own empty equipment and sea container lines

    Permanent drains of own empty containers, containers of marine lines and equipment of PJSC "Transcontainer" at RUSCON terminals

  • Photofixation of the reloading process
  • Working hours 24/7
Key cargos


  • Veterinary goods
  • Grain A complex for reloading of all kinds of grain cargoes with the capacity of up to 10 000 tons\ 6 silos.
  • Bulk-loaded chemical cargoes and fertilizers
  • Liquid food and non-food cargoes
  • Unitized cargoes
Key cargos

Services of containerization and storage of cargoes

  • Storage, handling and accounting of cargoes
  • Consolidation of all cargoes with further sorting and formation of consignments
  • Loading of the necessary consignments in accordance with the norms of loading and further shipment by rail, road transport to any region of the world
  • Development and optimization of accounting schemes for storage and delivery of goods
  • Cross-docking

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