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“Yug Terminal” Ltd. became part of RUSCON

4 July 2016

1st  July,
2016 - reorganization process is completed. In the course of this
reorganization, “Yug Terminal” Ltd. stopped being an independent asset and
became part of RUSCON Ltd., the main company of the same name - container
logistics holding. The reorganization was realized by accession. The management
of RUSCON believe that a union of terminal capacities in Novorossiysk will
allow to increase the total bandwidth, raise the competence of warehouse
logistics, provide an opportunity of new cargo nomenclatures handling. The
assets of the accessed company have become part of the production site “Ruscon
3” and are a part of container logistics terminal “Ruscon”.

“Yug Terminal” Ltd. was formed
in July, 2005 on the base of one of the grounds of the industrial area of
Novorossiysk. In the year 2008 RUSCON group bought 51% of shares and in 2011
got full control over the company.  In 2014 terminals “Yug Terminal” and
“Ruscon” were joined by a technological road and in 2016 on the territory of
“Yug Terminal” the building of the first range of logistics warehouse complex

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