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Ruscon organized first dispatch of container train with flax from Kurgan to China

development 18 February 2022
The container train followed the route Kurgan- Grodekovo- Tianjin.
Ruscon as the main organizer of transportation provided the client with the full range of forwarding services, including “the first mile” and supervision in China. The railways service in Russia organized by TransContainer.
This container train was the first one for the region. Ruscon managed a number of organizational and operational issues, including sending of vehicles for containers loading, rate calculation, formation of the container train, formation and coordination route.
Andrey Chernyshev, The Senior Vice-President of Ruscon noted: “The dispatch of the first container train from Kurgan to China together with our colleagues from TransContainer is a good example of how it is possible to develop new transportation routes.
Undoubtedly, the containerization in the region and container transportation are still growing, so we organized many logistics procedures for the first time.
Considering the interest of local customers in this type of transportation and Ruscon's ability to provide high quality services, we are looking forward to the launch of container trains on this route on a permanent basis”.

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