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RUSCON launched new multimodal service from China to Russia

development 29 August 2022
A logistics operator RUSCON (part of Delo Group), launched a new multimodal container service from China to Russia via the port of Novorossiysk.
RUSCON cleared all organizational matters and now it is negotiating with the clients and forming a cargo base.
The first shipment will take place in September. The initial loading point is the Chinese port of Taicang. Afterwards the cargo vessel will proceed to the port of Qingdao on September 11, and later – to Istanbul on September 16. In Turkey containers will be loaded onto a feeder vessel and delivered to the NUTEP Terminal in Novorossiysk (part of the stevedoring asset of DeloPorts). The total transit time from Taicang to Novorossiysk is 40 days.
Non-hazardous cargoes are accepted for transportation in 40-foot containers, both owned by the customer or provided by RUSCON.  Customers are provided a full range of services, including customs clearance, warehousing, and cargo handling. In Novorossiysk we offer reloading and delivery by RUSCON's own railway services and delivery by trucks to any region of Russia. The RUSCON representative office in China will provide “door-to-door” services to customers.
Sergey Berezkin, the President of RUSCON, said: “We continue to reconstruct imperfect logistics chains and create the new ones by opening and testing multimodal services along the Southern Sea Route. The key advantage of this service is that we quickly gather  our containers in Istanbul and deliver them to Novorossiysk. So, customers do not have to wait for the formation of any significant cargo lot in Turkey.  
Thus, customers can arrange the entire multimodal chain from the first to the last mile, including truck and railway delivery across Russia, in RUSCON's office in China. The launch of new routes helps our customers choose the most efficient way to deliver their goods, and our premium service guarantees the implementation of all these solutions unconditionally ”.
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