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Ruscon and SASCO launch joint multimodal service from Moscow to Magadan via Vladivostok

business 17 February 2023
Ruscon and Sakhalin Shipping Company (SASCO, both part of Delo Group) launched a joint multimodal service on the Moscow-Vladivostok-Korsakov-Magadan route.

Trains from Ruscon's own terminal at Kresty station (Moscow) depart for Ugolnaya station (Vladivostok) every 10 days. Travel time by rail is 15 days. From Vladivostok the cargoes on SASCO ships are sent to Korsakov port (Sakhalin Island), and then to Magadan. Customers can order to containerize their cargo at the terminal in Moscow and get the container delivered for loading and unloading both at the point of dispatch or any other point along the route.

The service is capable of transporting a wide range of cargo, including exports to various destinations.

Head of Ruscon Sergey Beryozkin said: "Thanks to close cooperation with our colleagues from Sakhalin Shipping Company, we have organized a stable multimodal route to deliver goods to the eastern regions of Russia. At the same time, the service can also be used by producers who send exports to the Asia-Pacific region via Vladivostok."
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