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RUSCON launched new joint cargo delivery service from Turkey to Russia

development 2 September 2022
Logistics operator RUSCON (part of Delo Group), launched a new multimodal service of joint cargo delivery from Turkey to Russia via the port of Novorossiysk.
Within the service RUSCON provides cargo unloading to Russia in any part of Turkey. The cargo is consolidated in Istanbul at RUSCON 's specialized warehouse. Further the container is formed and delivered by vessel to Novorossiysk. The cargo handles at the NUTEP Container Terminal (the stevedoring asset of DeloPorts). It is possible to reload and deliver cargo in Novorossiysk on RUSCON 's own railway services and by car to any part of Russia.
Andrey Chernyshev, Senior Vice President of RUSCON, commented: “RUSCON launched first mile delivery for its clients in another foreign country, implementing Israel, India, China and others. The minimal batch accepted in Turkey is only 100 kg, allowing small businesses, private entrepreneurs, and individuals to actively use our service. Meanwhile, the shipment to Russia from Istanbul is delivered in containers, providing security and responsiveness to our partners from NUTEP. Meanwhile, the cargo delivered to Russia from the Istanbul warehouse in containers, ensuring security and responsiveness of handling by our partners from NUTEP. We can always provide further domestic delivery, thus ensuring a “door-to-door” service ”.
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