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Containerisation in the food and agricultural sectors

18 August 2011

    Russia is one of the largest importers and exporters of food in the world. In imports, the country’s trade is dominated by perishable foods (meat, fruit and vegetables) and raw materials for food processing. The principal Russian food export is grain.

    The key requirements for the safe handling and onward transportation of food shipments are speed of delivery and ensuring thatsuch products are always maintained at the correct temperature and fit for human consumption on delivery. Typically the customer now requires that the product, eg fresh fruit and vegetables looks presentable and has a good shelf life. Taste is not enough.

    Ruscon has obtained all of the required certification associated with the safe transportation of such products.When shipping food for export, raditionally the focus is on the safe and cost-effective loading of the container. Ruscon has equipped itself with the latest technology in order to meet these goals.

    Seasonal fluctuations in supply and demand, government regulation of the food trade, the risks of equipment failure, delays and damage at cargo transfer points and customs clearance - all of this puts additional demands on the organisation of food logistics supply chains.

    Ruscon offers professional, tailor-made solutions for the delivery of all types of food, both in import and export segments. We carefully approach the selection of vehicles, containers and storage facilities for the delivery and storage of your products. At the harbor terminals "Ruscon" and successfully implemented advanced technology of containerization of bulk and liquid bulk cargoes, including specialized storage facilities for grain.

    When handling of perishable goods in reefer containers dedicated division "Ruscon" provides a continuous process of registration, removal, repacking and / or future delivery of products in which the duration of each operation reconciled to the minute. Our specialists provide comprehensive services for certification, quarantine and customs clearance of goods, which allows us to guarantee the timing and delivery costs.

    If you work in the food segment of semi-finished products, Ruscon is ready to offer integrated transport solutions to suit the individual needs of your business. We thoroughly know and take into account in the existing conditions for land transport, sanitation standards and requirements of the customs legislation of the Russian Federation. Knowing the seasonality of your traffic and building on our strong relationships with leading carriers linear, we can ensure timely dispatch of consignments at prices agreed upon in advance for a long period of time.


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