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Containerisation in metallurgy

18 August 2011

    Metals and raw materials play a huge role in the Russian economy and make a significant financial contribution to Russia’s foreign trade exports. Once primarily carried as breakbulk cargo in conventional vessels and bulk carriers, since the late 1990s, there has been a strong trend to containerisation of non-ferrous metals, steel and semi-finished products, ores and concentrates. The export of metals from Russia is characterized by the long distances  from the point of production to the departure ports. Accordingly, amongst the basic requirements of exporters is the regular delivery of goods by rail cars and the possibility to consolidate shipments in ports and harbour terminals.

    The key for shipment of metals in containers is safe stuffing and securing of cargo inside of containers. Ruscon applies advanced technologies for vanning of a wide range of steel products, including high-grade steel, pipes, long and heavy packages, as well as bulk cargo: iron briquettes of ore and pig-iron.

    Given the large size of many steel products shipments, usually it is crucial to ensure that there are adequate numbers of empty containers available for stuffing, and then timely delivery of heavy-loaded containers to the port terminal is to be achieved. We meet theserequirements by accumulating empty containers well in advance and using our own off-dock facilities and heavy trucks.

    For exporters willing to sell goods from the port, Ruscon offers the possibility of safe storage of goods at its own warehouses in Novorossiysk. Our off-dock terminal is certified by major foreign banks for the purpose of storing goods in pledge. We provide regular monitoring of goods condition and keep stock reports, while effecting dispatch of goods to the instruction of banks.

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