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Containerisation in the chemical industry

18 August 2011

    The transport of chemical products is characterised by increased safety standards and environmental protection. Moreover, given the relatively low value of some goods, it is important that the delivery of chemical cargo is quite economical.

    Containers have long established themselves as one of the best means of transportation for chemical cargoes, which allows us to minimise the many risks and significantly reduce the cost of transportation.

    In the shipment of chemicals by container, "Ruscon" is considered to be one of the leading experts in Russia. Since 2008, we have offered specialied services for loading dry bulk and liquid bulk chemicals into containers For maximum safety and security of cargo transportation, we provide you with the choice of using standard containers fitted with liner bags or flexi-tanks. In some cases, ISO tanks and containers fitted with top loading hatches can be made avaialble. The final decision will always depend on the characteristics of the cargo.

    Some chemical containers are carried in drums,sacks or bags. We can handle loading and unloading of such units.

    We hold all of the the necessary licences that are required for handling cargoes classified as hazardous.

    We have gained substantial experience developing new technologies and new types of containerisation packaging to meet new and existing clients’ changing needs.

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