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RUSCON has introduced a new technology

technologies 17 April 2017

TERMINAL and RUSCON DEPO complexes use the simulation technology (IM) developed
by the Group's specialists. With the help of the IM, a virtual model of real
processes and a topology of the complexes can be created which allows users to
quickly analyze and produce various options for improving the efficiency of
terminal business processes and, as a result, minimize costs. This method of
simulates a multifactor forecast on the arrival and departure of export cargoes
from terminals, utilization of capacities and resource requirements. By storing
the data in the system on the planned volumes, the user can reproduce the logic
and processes of the terminals and their individual sections, taking into
account the existing limitations. At the output, the model provides the
following types of calendar forecasts: the forecast for loading capacities and
resources; the forecast of the need for empty containers; a forecast of
unproductive expenses. The received information allows users to evaluate the
effectiveness of options for prioritizing operations and to select the optimal
algorithms for managing and organizing cargo flows.

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