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Delo Group starts regular auto ferry service with Turkey under a new technological scheme

technologies 23 November 2022
Delo Group has completed creation of a technological scheme for the reception and expedited processing of cargo arriving in road-trains fr om Turkey to Novorossiysk. The Group's assets are prepared to start regular vessels-calls both technically and legally.
On November 23, 2022, the Order No. 937 of the Russian Federal Customs Service dated November 17, 2022 "On changing the regions of operation of Novorossiysk customs posts and amending the appendix to Order No. 1067 of the Russian Federal Customs Service dated June 28, 2019" entered into force. It ensured inclusion of the RUSCON-2 (part of Delo Group) storage area for vehicles in the suburbs of Novorossiysk in the Novorossiysk Customs’ region of responsibility. The area wh ere the temporary storage warehouse is located became a part of a permanent customs control zone. This area will become an integral part of the ferry service together with the NUTEP Container Terminal, a part of the Group’s stevedoring holding DeloPorts. Exploitation of the RUSCON-2 will relieve the load on the port terminal and increase the number of ferries served.
According to the processing scheme, after the arrival of a vessel, the motor vehicles are unloaded at the NUTEP, where the drivers pass through border control, then the trucks with cargo are sealed with electronic navigation seals and go to the RUSCON-2 under remote control of customs authorities. All other types of state control at the state border of the Russian Federation afterwards are carried out there. Vehicles bound for Turkey are processed in the reverse order.
The use of navigation seals developed by the Digital Platforms Development Center LLC is one of the innovative digital solutions, which provide for implementation of this technological scheme. The use of the seals allows the remote control of the road-trains transportation to the RUSCON-2 through Novorossiysk and the inviolability of the cargo until all procedures are completed.
Before this technological solution was introduced, NUTEP regularly received one ferry per week from Turkey with 35 reefers, which were then reloaded to other transport directly at the port. Now, three ferries with a capacity of up to 100 car-trains per week are expected to make regular vessel-calls.
On November 26, 2022, the Barbaros ferry, chartered by Ruscon, is scheduled to make its first regular arrival in Novorossiysk with 60-65 trucks on board.
The project of intensification of the cargo ferry connection between Russia and Turkey was developed and implemented under the supervision of the First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation A.R.Belousov, the Ministry of Transport of Russia together with the interested federal executive bodies, business structures and with active participation of the Russian Export Center. The proposed technological solution will ensure that the project target indicators of 24 hours for processing of one vessel per arrival are reached.
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