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StaffSupport subdivision of The Russian Connection Group specializes in the entry-level employees' recruitment, large-scale staffing projects, personnel leasing and outstaffing.

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Short and full recruiting order forms.

It is a rather complex task to fill up vacancies of a new enterprise by own strength. As a rule it is connected with unjustified high expenses.

StaffSupport offers a service of a large-scale recruitment to the companies having a need for recruiting a large amount of employees. Large-scale recruitment embraces an active search for any numbers of personnel for new stores, retail and industrial enterprises, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, etc.

System approach to the search and selection of candidates, a project team under the supervision of an experienced consultant guarantee the high-grade recruitment of large numbers of personnel in the limited span of time. When the project implies recruitment of different levels of personnel, large-scale recruitment methods are combined with middle management recruitment and executive search.

Advantages of a Large-Scale Recruitment

  • Fast staffing
  • Large amount of candidates
  • Thorough selection procedure provides low percentage of replacements.
  • Decrease in staff turnover

Insurance Arrangements

StaffSupport guarantees you a free of charge employee replacement in case of unsuccessful passing through a probation period.

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