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StaffSupport subdivision of The Russian Connection Group specializes in the entry-level employees' recruitment, large-scale staffing projects, personnel leasing and outstaffing.

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Short and full recruiting order forms.

StaffSupport lets you concentrate on your core business while reducing risks and expenses. We will recruit and hire your new employees or place your existing employees on our payroll.

Personnel Leasing and Outstaffing benefits

  • Your organization is provided with necessary personnel in the shortest possible time and in any scope
  • You essentially reduce the money and time expenses
  • You receive an opportunity to reduce the legal, labor, tax and investment (education and development) risks
  • You cut the compensatory package costs down
  • Your organization can regulate actual quantity of personnel without changing the staff list
  • You receive an opportunity to keep the status of the small-scale enterprise

StaffSupport will free you from the following chores:

  • Recruiting personnel
  • Contract of employment conclusion, taking the employee on The Russian Connection staff
  • Dealing with Tax and Labor Authorities
  • Keeping labor records according to the labor legislation of the Russian Federation
  • Calculating and paying out salaries (Payroll)
  • Collecting income tax, salary deductions to the prescribed funds
  • Establishing individual employees’ bank accounts
  • Processing paperwork for vacations, business trips, sick leaves, etc.

Financial Terms

Payment for the services is made every month and includes:

  • Salary, tax demands and necessary deductions compensation for the employee on the Russian Connection Group staff
  • The Russian Connection Group fee in the amount of an appointed rate or as a fixes amount in accordance with the parties agreement

Insurance Arrangements

  • Quality, speed and flexibility in providing with personnel
  • In case of such need we guarantee replacement of a leased employee without work stoppage

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