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ProfySearch is a core division of The Russian Connection Group that concenrates on the Middle-to-Senior Level Professionals Search.

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ProfySearch successfully finds employees for different business fields:

Our Experience on FMCG & DCG Markets is a Guarantee of Your Success


Our long-term experience in recruiting consumer goods market specialists enables our consultants efficiently fill marketing, sales, logistics and financial vacancies. Often search results exceed our clients’ expectations due to our possibility to follow the career path of the specialists, who have been once interviewed by us.

Knowledge of Your Business

Consumer goods market specialists are in demand on many markets considering their high qualification and mastership of the latest work techniques. This means that it gets more and more difficult to find such specialists with regard to the competition with insurance and banking industry, for instance. Competitors aim to introduce innovations (in sales particularly) with the help of the consumer goods market specialists, possessing necessary knowledge. We are sure that we will be able to find a professional for you in agreed space of time in spite of personnel shortage on the market.

The Most Frequently Occurring Positions

  • Business Development Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand/Senior Brand Manager
  • Logistics/Supply Chain Manager


  • British American Tobacco
  • Casio
  • Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia
  • Danone
  • Dirol-Cadbury
  • Energizer
  • Panasonic
  • Philip Morris Sales & Marketing
  • Samsung Electronics
  • SunInbev
  • Tchibo
  • Toshiba
  • Unilever

Best Professionals for IT & Telecom Business

We are Your Market Experts

IT & Telecommunications is a cutting-edge market. Here it is important to keep up to date, be aware of the high-tech services’ specific character. Our IT & Telecom Account Manager is certified by Microsoft Company, which, together with a long-term recruiting experience, gives us the possibility to find best personnel for you in the shortest span of time. No matter where the office of your company is located, we will find high-skilled employees in Russia and CIS.

Systematic Search and Selection

We search employees, who have deep knowledge of English and significant professional experience. We find such specialists not only in the other companies or using traditional ads, but mostly on specialized forums and Internet sites. Professional skills of candidates are tested during interview in Russian and English and also with the help of professional tests. Targeted Selection technique allows selecting employees, easily adapting to the tough requirements of multinational companies. We take part in the life of professional community and follow the career of professionals, who have been once interviewed by us.


  • Andrew Corporation
  • Belden Europe
  • Deutsche Bank IT Center
  • SAS Institute GmbH
  • Sonic Duo

Banks and Financial Institutions: Reliable Personnel for Reliable Business

Focus on the Market

A deep knowledge of the company’s business distinctive features is very important in recruitment. That takes on special significance in bank sphere. Financial institutions, that differ in structure and corporate policy, are interested in experienced professionals who could harmoniously join their organization and work together productively.

Particular Recruitment Technique

The approach to candidates is more conservative and strict in banking and finances. Therefore the methods of candidates’ assessment meet high professional requirements. The main effective step in a team forming and development is to recruit the people, whose views, cultural and intellectual level are corresponding with the nature, idea and goals of your organization. That becomes possible due to the Targeted Selection technique and systematic approach, from the clarification of your company’s specific character to the selection of the most appropriate candidate.


  • Alpha Capital Partners
  • Denizbank Moscow (Dexia Group)
  • First Data CIS
  • Home Credit Bank
  • HSBC
  • UBS Investment Bank
  • Western Union Holdings, Inc.

Best Personnel for Legal and Consulting Companies

Particular Features of Recruitment

A highly skilled personnel is one of the fundamental resources for legal and consulting companies. We consider your company’s work standards and corporate culture when recruiting specialists for this field. Your new employee can only become a “face” of your company if the harmonious combination is found of the employee’s personal and professional qualities and the requirements of your organization. Our recruitment and HR consulting experience enables us to find and select fitting candidates in the shortest possible time for the wide range of vacancies, from the administrative positions to the level of senior consultants.

Methods and Techniques

We use all the sources of candidates, from the profile media and Internet-sites to thematic conferences and our own database of the English-speaking professionals, that is being kept during the last 18 years. We use direct search, job fairs, and cooperate with the leading universities. We pay attention to the professional skills and personal qualities of a candidate, his or her readiness to correspond to high requirements of multinational companies along with the profile education. Foreign languages knowledge is thoroughly examined, as it is especially important for legal and consulting services rendering. Communication skills, ability to focus on customer and readiness to interact with a lot of people are strictly evaluated as well. As a result the candidates, who have been selected in such a way, become a new driving force and reliable support for your organization.


  • Baker & McKenzie
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Clifford Chance Moscow
  • Ernst & Young
  • McKinsey & Company
  • KPMG
  • White & Case

Mining, Oil & Gas: Highly Skilled Professionals for Your Business

Situation in the Industry

Since the early 90s the number of highly qualified engineers has hardly increased: students preferred more prestigious professions, and specialists in engineering had to change career path to get a better paid job. Today the situation on the market has fundamentally changed. Analists forecast rapid growth of this industry during the next 3-4 years. Undoubtedly this development has to be supported with human resources, while a vacuum of the “middle stratum” is observed with the prevalence of entry-level specialists and professionals older than 50. It is especially important in these circumstances to find highly skilled personnel.

Capability of ProfySearch

We keep a close watch on all the changes of the market: mergers and take-overs, conversions, moving forces and trends of the industry development. This enables to define the sources of human resources for direct search. We recruit best young specialists in engineering owing to the established connections with the special universities. We follow the career path of the best personnel in engineering, ever interviewed by us, using our database, which is being maintained during 18 years. We use the candidates’ selection techniques that allow to define the professionals with the special education, relevant work experience and sound knowledge of English.


  • Altas Copco
  • Carbo Ceramics
  • DeGolyer and MacNaughton
  • Enerpak (Actuant)
  • LMF
  • Shell East Europe
  • Total E&P Russie

Personnel Recruiting for Real Estate, Construction and Development

Real Estate Sphere Particular Qualities

ProfySearch has been collaborating with the leaders in commercial Real Estate since 2002. There are few leading companies of the international level in Russia; therefore the specialists’ market is to be estimated as quite restricted. Currently, Real Estate is one of the most dynamic sectors of Russian economy. That’s why it becomes more and more difficult to meet an increasing demand for the professionals. Shortage of specialists in commercial Real Estate is especially pungent. Today consultants and sales agents for all divisions are in great demand, mostly in commercial and warehouse realty. Unfortunately, Russian universities do not produce realty consultants, and such specialists can “grow” only in the restricted circle of companies. Personnel shortage is also observed when searching for middle level and top-managers. Therefore, though the experience of work in commercial realty is welcome, it happens that our consultants find talents for our clients in other branches of business. As a rule, a fluent knowledge of English is required to work in multinational organizations and to cooperate successfully with international business partners. Therefore we always check candidates’ English language skills.

ProfySearch Strengths

Standard recruitment techniques are insufficient on the Real Estate market, that’s why we actively use direct search. We are constantly monitoring the market and have an eye on most significant events, new names and projects, and also use recommendations of our candidates and business partners. In order to select the best candidate we use a Multilevel Selection Procedure, based on the Targeted Selection principles, including competence based interview, case and biographic interview. At the interviews we assess if the candidates meet clients’ requirements, among which knowledge of the market, relevant work experience, fluent English, high personal qualities and motivation appear most frequently.


  • BV Development
  • Cushman & Wakefield Stiles & Riabokobylko
  • Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Knight Frank

Recruitment for Industrial Companies

Industrial Sector

Personnel requirements are advancing steadily in the situation of increasing number of enterprises and modern technologies application in Russia. At the same time a number of people with profile education and work experience in industrial companies and with excellent knowledge of English is severely limited. The consequences of post-Soviet industrial crisis, when industrial professions were of no prestige, rather affect on that fact. The Russian Connection Group has a long-term experience in recruitment for international corporations in different industries (including chemical, packaging, engineering, food, hi-tech and many others). It enables us to successfully deal with the personnel shortage on this fast-growing market.

ProfySearch Methods of Work

It is very important, that the recruitment consultants of ProfySearch can efficiently combine different recruitment techniques and direct search, finding and thoroughly selecting candidates with foreign languages skills, relevant education and experience of work in industrial companies. We make use of our own data base of professionals, with whom our agency is many years in touch. Many of them have made brilliant careers, this provides us access to the most outstanding professionals from different industries.


  • 3M
  • AGC Flat Glass Vostok (Glaverbel Vostok)
  • Arkema
  • Europapier CIS
  • Evraz Holdig
  • Hempel
  • ICI
  • Jungheirich
  • Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Siegwerk
  • SIG Combibloc

Expert in Recruitment for Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

ProfySearch services automobiles’ producers and dealers filling sales, post-sale service, logistic, marketing, financial and accounting vacancies for many years. Under the conditions of fast-growing market’s tough competition an acute shortage of highly skilled specialists, middle and senior management is felt. Specialists in sales and after-sales service who have profile education are in special demand.

ProfySearch Techniques

We have filled up our active database with hundreds of candidates’ resumes for many years of work in Automotive Industry. ProfySearch consultants deeply know specific features of automotive market and are constantly refreshing information on changes in candidates’ careers. Together with direct search and thorough assessment of candidates, it enables to recruit successful employees, fully fitting your company, in the shortest possible time.


  • General Motors
  • Goodyear Russia
  • Rolf
  • Volvo Vostok
  • Zeppelin Russland

Personnel Search & Selection for Healthcare Sector

Market Expertise

ProfySearch recruitment consultants are experts in Healthcare labour market, as we work for the biggest pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment and consumables’ producers. State Healthcare system reform, widening of investment in the context of the “Health” national project create conditions for rapid growth and development of the sector. Medical companies aim at market share increase and carrying out competent policy in the field of Government Relations. Accordingly, specialists in Public Affairs (PR, GR and IR) have good job opportunities. The demand for senior managers and specialists for the departments of drug registration, clinical research and drug trial is being significantly increased. Competition becomes tougher for talents of all levels in the fields of marketing, hospital and tender sales. As in other sectors of developing Russian economy, the demand is high for specialists in accounting, finance and logistics.

ProfySearch Techniques

Depending on a vacancy level, classical recruitment is added or, frequently, replaced by the elements of Executive Search: we make good use of networking in medical environment that is rather difficult to access. Along with our knowledge of competition structure and key players in every market segment, our recruitment consultants also have a good understanding of specific character of medical products, which is so important and necessary for a high-quality selection of skilled personnel for medical field. As in the rest of cases, knowledge of English is thoroughly checked during the interviews at our agency.


  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Nutricia
  • Sanofi-Aventis
  • Unomedical

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