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ProfySearch is a core division of The Russian Connection Group that concenrates on the Middle-to-Senior Level Professionals Search.

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ProfySearch Consultants find and select employees in the shortest possible time using Copmlex Search methods in combination with the Multilevel Selection procedure, based on Target Selection principles, which includes competence based, case and biographic interviews. In that way we provide the utmost precision of recruitment in compliance with the tasks and business-model of our client.

Personnel Search System

We create different combinations of search methods depending on the recruitment project’s specific character. We add using Social Media, Blogs and Networking to the classic search techniques (Database Search, Advertising and Direct Search):

  • Database Screening
  • Advertising (Traditional Media and Internet)
  • Social Media, Blogs
  • Networking
  • Direct Search

We possess one of the most complete databases of bilingual professionals that is powered by a state-of-the-art computerized search system. The system remembers all the searches we have made in the past, is able to compare the current search with all the similar past searches and takes just seconds to give us complete results. Since its inception in 1992, our database has been continuously developed and regularly updated by means of intensive non-stop advertising campaigns. Fresh information is fed into our database on a daily basis. Our database has become a sophisticated tool for tracking career paths of corporate professionals in practically every discipline.

Professional approach to the comprehensive search allows us, in the shortest amount of time, to pinpoint the best candidate who will optimally fit all your job requirements.

Multilevel Selection Procedure – We Choose the Stars for Your Business

Interviewing is the main tool in our selection process. There are two functional stages in this process: prescreening and professional interviewing.


The first stage is the telephone interview. It aims to establish a rapport with the candidate, understand and/or generate interest in the new career opportunity, assess certain personal characteristics (presentation skills, time-management ability, sense of humor, etc.), salary level and motivation to change jobs. The candidates who have successfully passed the first stage are invited to visit our office for the second stage of the process - the Face-to-Face Interview.

Professional Interviewing

The two major criteria we assess at the Face-to-Face Interview are professional skills and personal motivation. To elucidate professional skills we inquire about educational background, work experience, major professional achievements and accomplishments. Upon clients request we can refer the candidates to professional testing centers. Both professional skills and personal motivation are verified through a sophisticated scheme of open-ended questions based on a Targeted Selection methodology. Interviews are conducted over the course of an hour in Russian and in English in order to gauge the candidates ability to express themselves in both languages. We regularly check references on presented candidates. Our thorough selection process assures an excellent fit with your corporate candidate profile and saves your valuable time.

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