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ExecuSearch is a Senior Executives Search Division of The Russian Connection Group. ExecuSearch is a recognized expert with more than 14 years experience in filling the top-level positions for leading international corporations in virtually every industry in Russia and the CIS.

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Top Level Executive Search

Since 1993 we have worked out a variety of unique methods and techniques, which were unified in two main systems:

Candidate Result Tracking System

As a key component of the Executive Search Process it allows tracing the market Most Successful Manager’s results and careers. This is an Interactive System where we trace periodically all significant achievements of the market best managers. So its always fresh and updated. All the Best Result-Makers are in. The System includes widest database, as since 1993 we have been running largest advertising and search campaigns amongst all other market players. So our clients can have access to all Proven Profitable Market Executives.

Client Profit Oriented Process

Our clients benefit from our careful planning and execution at every step of the Executive Search process. Each step of this process is designed to make added value to our clients business:

1-st Profitable Step

Initial Case Study+Target Criteria Agreement

An effective search consultant, like a good physician, must diagnose the problem before recommending the proper cure. Essentially we agree on precise qualities of needed executive in the following areas:

  • Company general goals and role of designated position
  • Position goals
  • Prospective anticipated results
  • Targeted professional and leadership qualities
  • Cultural and psychological criteria

2-nd Profitable Step

Trident Search Process

To ensure the quickest and quality result our wide range of search techniques can be applied ALTOGETHER:

Candidate Result Tracking System. One of the largest interactive market databases that includes the best market community managers.

Target Hunt. Headhunting methodology helps us to find the best possible candidate from those who dont look for a new job.

Wide Advertising Search. Our own unique Publication on Career Opportunities and HR Practices The Career Forum is one of the best means to reach over 40 000 potential candidates. Together with the Internet and media search it provides us with the comprehensive approach to every Executive Search.

3-rd Profitable Step

Targeted Selection Methodology

Widely recognized methodology that allows choosing the best possible candidates matching with agreed target criteria.

4-th Profitable step

Follow-Up Process

Once the successful candidate is placed we follow up with recruited executive and with our client to ensure the candidate is really matching with organization and with the clients expectations.

Finally our clients getting profits from the hired Executives results.

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Artur Legkiy
Human Resources Generalist
JTI Marketing & Sales, Russia

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