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ExecuSearch is a Senior Executives Search Division of The Russian Connection Group. ExecuSearch is a recognized expert with more than 14 years experience in filling the top-level positions for leading international corporations in virtually every industry in Russia and the CIS.

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Our clients are a selected group of corporations coming from the most diverse market sectors including:

  • FMCG
  • IT & Telecom
  • Banks, Financial Institutions
  • Legal & Consulting Services
  • PR, marketing, advertising, media
  • Industry
  • Mining, Oil &Gas
  • Real Estate

Whether public or private, corporate or entrepreneurial, all our clients have the same common denominator: High performance driven organizations that passionately strive towards being the best.

Reliable and Confidential Service

Our clients benefit from our experience. Our philosophy is to build long-term relations with selected companies across a variety of industries, rather than doing ad hoc work for many companies. Since the beginning of market era in Russia all our projects were performed in quick and confidential manner.

Our Candidates

If our clients want to be the best, they need to attract the best people. The ability to attract the best people does not happen overnight. We have an established reputation of delivering a tailored professional service. Most of our candidates reach us through direct referral. We also have an exceptional network, a comprehensive database and together with targeted advertising we are able to achieve impressive results for both client and candidate.

Reasonable Costs

Our costs are linked with the position bottom-line contribution. You will be surprised how realistic they are. Our current customers find those very beneficial and highly returnable. We can be proud saying that we made some impact on our customers’ exceptional results you can see on the market today.

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Kirill Popov
Deputy HR Director
Home Credit and Finance Bank

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