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ExecuSearch is a Senior Executives Search Division of The Russian Connection Group. ExecuSearch is a recognized expert with more than 14 years experience in filling the top-level positions for leading international corporations in virtually every industry in Russia and the CIS.

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Case Studies

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Industry: Food Production/Biotechnology

Position: General Director Russia

The client: Transnational Biotechnological Company (one of the world’s leading producers of natural food ingredients)

The Idea

As a part of a new corporate strategy a leading transnational biotechnological company is aggressively pursuing growth by penetrating multiple Regions and offering new products. General tasks were:

  • To strengthen the companys position through establishing strong relationship with the leading Russian customers/end-users.
  • To implement strategic plans for more aggressive growth of Russian food production market.

As a result of this strategy, a new position, General Director Russia, was created.

The Process

Our consultative process allowed ExecuSearch team to consult the company not only on the current needs of the organization but address the strategic growth initiatives, such as future of the position/department, revenue targets, competition on the market and much more.

  • The first step was working out detailed Target Criteria based on plans for further development in Russia, corporate culture, company customers culture and attitudes, etc.
  • ExecuSearchs strong background in B2B sales consulting along with the experience in start-up business units proved valuable in developing the Target Criteria Agreement. The specification kept an eye towards specific technical and organizational issues, in addition to outlining key marketing attributes.
  • Aligning the position within the marketing function brought unique challenges. There were two important pieces to leverage:  1. Knowledge of food ingredients distribution channels and best practices to successfully communicate with customers to build long-term business. 2. Marketing understanding. Ability to develop the business plan, but utilize marketing techniques to bring revenue into the channel (i.e. direct and channel marketing).
  • Number of candidates with different background was found in agreed time frame. ExecuSearch® specialists performed detailed analysis and evaluation of the final candidates potential contribution looking not only at today, but also into the future.
  • Special attention was paid to managerial skills of the candidates and how they meet clients corporate culture. To secure right choice from this point, references were collected very thoroughly. (As a result of this work one of the final candidates was not recommended for the position). The successful candidate possesses strong business background in food production field and sound experience in business development in competitive environment.

The Result

This individual not only brought a balance between the dynamics of regional development and new products introductions; but also had a strong business background to position all sales channels for future growth.

Industry: FMCG

Position: Vice President, Corporate Relations

The Client: One of Leading Companies in the Sector

The Idea

As a consequence of merge and restructuring the company became the most significant player at the market and faced the necessity to have someone who would be responsible for inter-company communications with officials both in Moscow and regions. The position of Corporate Relations Director was created.

The Process

  • Our consultative process started with detailed discussion with clients Top Management. Companys strategy and problems they already had to solve and assuming to have in future. Communication and other affairs long-short term needs were observed.
  • ExecuSearch partnered with the C.E.O. to consider Target Criteria for the position, such as: successful communication experience, long-term project management, definition of first year and future deliverables, growth opportunities, culture definition, etc. It was critical for ExecuSearch team to be intimately involved with the company to understand the dynamics of the current needs, but also structure the position to address strategic growth needs and possible department development.
  • The assessment phase of the process brought candidates with varying degrees of functional and industry experience. ExecuSearch partnered with the company to conduct a skills assessment of the current organization and determine the “right” fit for the culture and current deficiencies, looking not only at today, but into the future. Candidates were interviewed and appraised. And 3 most relevant candidates for the declared position were recommended for clients interviews.
  • Along with the process our consultant continued in-depth market research and company needs evaluation. So he came to the conclusion that the company might need more powerful and experienced person to meet companys demands.
  • As a result of this process, two candidates with slightly different background were found. Those candidates were from another industries but with sound experience in communication projects management. So both were actively presented for an interview.
  • The candidates passed through 12 interviews, including interviews abroad. During several consultations with ExecuSearch International and brain-storms one of candidates was chosen. For most valuable person finally was offered the position of Vice President/Corporate Relations that was created bu the Company especially for that particular candidate.

The Result

The New Executive brought in a strategic view on Corporate Communications. Proposed and led to the successful result a Long/Short-term Communications and Relations Program.

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