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ExecuSearch is a Senior Executives Search Division of The Russian Connection Group. ExecuSearch is a recognized expert with more than 14 years experience in filling the top-level positions for leading international corporations in virtually every industry in Russia and the CIS.

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Our Vision

Executives provide the driving force of your business while good people remain in short supply and are tough to find.

Successful selection and placement of Executives can set your company ahead of its competition in terms of productivity, profitability and quality.

When hiring is a necessity, it needs to be done well in a way that strengthens not weakens the organization.

Our Benefits

ExecuSearch Clients appreciate our high standards for integrity, business ethics and honesty. In all aspects of the search and placement process, our consultants demonstrate their professionalism. As a team of professionals we are fully committed to Client Business Results, Growth and Profits.

We can help you to find
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