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The Career Forum is one of the first business Publications on Career Opportunities and HR Practices in Russia. 40000 copies of The Career Forum are bi-weekly distributed in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Since 1995 the publication has acquired its own circle of permanent subscribers. There are top and middle level managers of leading multinational and Russian companies among them, as well as English-speaking entry-level specialists and students. Share of HR professionals among regular readers is more than 30%.

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The Career Forum



Team and Contacts

The Core Team

Alexander Elkind
Projects Manager
20+ years of industrial management experience in leading global companies in USA, Europe, China, Japan, and Brazil. Experienced in Lean Transformation projects and industrial operations optimization.
Fluent in English and Russian

Yanina Kutovaya
Principal Analyst Consultant
Expert in broad spectrum of financial analysis, modeling and valuations in various industries in Russia including O&G, as well as senior level direct participation
Fluent in English, Russian and Chinese

Dmitry Morgun
Principal Analyst Consultant
Experienced industrial operations specialist. Held operations manager positions in high profile Russian industrial projects funded by government and private institutions (?). Led implementation of ERP systems in manufacturing projects
Fluent in English and Russian
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