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The Career Forum is one of the first business Publications on Career Opportunities and HR Practices in Russia. 40000 copies of The Career Forum are bi-weekly distributed in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. Since 1995 the publication has acquired its own circle of permanent subscribers. There are top and middle level managers of leading multinational and Russian companies among them, as well as English-speaking entry-level specialists and students. Share of HR professionals among regular readers is more than 30%.

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The Career Forum



The Russian Connection Services (TRC Group)

Operations Optimization
Enterprise Resources Efficiency Enhancement
Global Industrial Projects Support
Profit Margin Improvement

Our improvement processes are bases on 6-Sigma, Lean Transformation and Continuous Improvement concepts

How do we bring real value to the services for our clients?

We make assessment of the enterprise overall resources and find opportunities for resources utilization efficiency.
We analyze all business/manufacturing process components, systems and practices contributing to the profit margin.
We find solutions and make recommendations to the clients on how to capture potential gain in profit.


Our people are professional consultants with their own extensive expertise in various industrial sectors at high level management roles.

It is people and their individual talents what brings the success

Expert management business consultants teams are available to relocate to the Clients site in any location and conduct/work full time with 100% dedication to the project for the whole duration (full immersion deep dive).

Our methodology

Typical Customer Project Road Map (phase durations may vary slightly on case-by-case basis) :

Initial assessment 3 days to 2 weeks
Output: Enterprise status, margin assessment, opportunities for improvement
Client case study 6 to 12 weeks
Output: Identification of business process components and their weaknesses. Deep dive analysis of each to quantify potential savings. Final recommendation report to the Client how to capture potential profit increase

Implementation 12 to 18 months
Output: Reaching the goals identified in the Case Study phase. RusCon team embedded in the Clients Operations under direct sponsorship of the Top Manager/Owner of the business